Bayridge Show Stables

~ Sold or Leased 2006 - 2008 ~

Fascination - 14.1 hand 8 y.o buckskin mare. Large green pony hunter.

Sold to Isabella Batki of Bayridge Farm

Tye Dye - 13.2 hand 8 y.o paint gelding. Medium pony hunter.

Congratulations sold to North Jersey Equestrian Center in Pompton Plains, NJ

Colorific - 16.2 hand 5 y.o dutch paint mare. Dressage/all around prospect

Congratulations sold to Terry Brennan of
Framingham, MA

Easy Street - 14.1 hand 9 y.o grey gelding. 7th overall 2004 Large greens @ pony finals

Sold to Erin Myerberg of Drayden, MD

Heir to the Throne - 14.1 hand 11 y.o grey gelding. Short stirrup/ children's pony.

Congratulations sold to Madeline Mosing of Lafayette, LA


Whimsical - 14.1 1/2 hand 8 y.o bay roan mare. Large green prospect

Congratulations sold to Corgi Glen Farm and Cindy Newberry of Poolesville, MD

Hemi - 16 hand 6 y.o chestnut gelding. Event prospect or dressage.

Congratulations sold to Blackmer Farm of Frederick, MD

Abigail - 14.1 hand aged grey mare. The best shrt stirrup pony!

Congratulations sold to The Nugent Family of Avalon Farm in Mahopac, NY

Beachball - 12.2 hand 8 y.o chestnut gelding. Small pony hunter.

Congratulations sold to Celeste Hylton of Stratford Stables in Purchase, NY

Above The Stars - 14.1 hand 5 y.o bay mare. Large pony hunter.

Congratulations sold to Ashleigh Bancel of Tashua Farm in Ridgefield, CT

Madam Alexander - 14.1 hand 13 y.o chestnut mare. Top large pony hunter!

Congratulations sold to Shannon Cunane or Shadow Fax Farm in Millis, MA

Life of Riley - 14.1 hand 8 y.o bay gelding. Short stirrup pony

Congratulations sold to Tagalong Farm in MD

Royal Caribbean - 16.3 hand 9 y.o bay gelding. Children's hunter.

Congratulations sold to Sara Broadbent of Foxtale Farms in Oley, PA

Inspiration - 13.2 hand 11 y.o gray gelding. The best lesson pony ever!

Congratulations sold to Debbie Jahnigen of Frankford, MD

Little Red - 15.2 hand 15 y.o chestnut gelding. All around star!

Congratulatins sold to Fairfield Hunt Club of Westport, CT

Imagination - 12.1 3/8 6 y.o grey mare. 6th nationally usef small geeens 2006

Congratulations sold to Ashton Alexander of Hunters Lane in Ocala, FL

Victorian - 16.2 hand 10 y.o bay mare. Fancy 3 foot hunter.

Congratulations sold to Jessica Windhurst or Hunter Ridge in Richmond, RI

Glynhafan Elera - 13.1 hand 13 y.o bay mare. W/T - short stirrup

Congratulations leased to Two Tree Stables in Long Island, NY

Showtime - 14.1 hand 4 y.o bay gelding. Large child's pony.

Congratulations sold to Top Kall Equestrian Center and Heather Kall of Ringoes, NJ.

Elliot Ness - 14.2 hand 8 y.o chestnut gelding. Large green prospect 2009.

Congratulations sold to Morgan Centrella of Diamond Bay Stables in Mahwah, NJ

Jimney Cricket - 12.2 hand 15 y.o chestnut gelding. Short Stirrup/child's pony

Congratulations sold to Racheal Rothenburg of Encanto Valley Farm in Gig Harbor, WA

Remmy - 14.3 hand 6 y.o grey gelding.

Congratulations sold to The Kanigher Family of Avalon Farm in Mahopac, NY

Kaleidoscope - 14 hand aged grey mare. Short stirrup deluxe!

Congratulations sold to Emma Bagnato of Old Dalton Farm in Poughquag, NY

Lola Montez - 2/06 Hanoverian filly by Landor S - Sherlock Holmes. They liked her so much they bought the full sibling in utero!

Congratulation sold Robin Fournier of Quebec, Canada

Ashe - 15. 3 hand 11 y.o grey gelding. Event prospect

Congratulations sold to Blackmer Farm of Frederick, MD

King of the Hill - 16 hand 6 y.o bay gelding. Upper level event prospect

Congratulations sold to Chelsea Eldridge of Blackmer Farm in Frederick, MD

Intuition - 14.2 hand 7 y.o buckskin mare. Children's pony

Congratulations sold to Calvin Ramsey of Pharview Stables in Lafayette, LA

~ Some others sold previously to 2006 ~
We will continue to add more as we scan in photos



High Tide - 13.1 medium short stirrup deluxe!

Congratualtions sold to Kristen Crosby of Corgi Glenn Farm in Poolesville, MD

Sweet Dawn - aged TB broodmare. Dam of Fleetwood's Just Right

Congratualtions sold